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IDEAL is a health, beauty, grooming, food and lifestyle brand that empowers people to strive for an ideal version of themselves, to live a more fulfilling, happy and phenomenal life.

We provide products that are all-natural, organic and leverage biotechnology to extract the most potent forms of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help you look and feel great.


There I was, a desperate father trying to find a solution to heal my baby boys large 1-2 inch horrific hives and rashes all over his face and body. 

The thing is, once we realized that it wasn’t anything we experienced before, we rushed to the hospital late at night, waited for 4 hours in the emergency room, met with the doctor, just to find out that he didn't have a clue what was wrong with my baby. 

We wasted all our energy, time and $1000's of dollars on the emergency room hospital visits and still had no cure. 

The big problem was that the doctors and nurses were asking me what was wrong with my baby's hives and rashes and it made me irritated because it seemed like they didn’t even care! 

Seeing my boy’s face change to the fact that he was unrecognizable and crying in pain all night and morning with no sleep got me fed up with it all. 

My Final Boiling Point 

That meant If I didn't find a solution, then nobody else would. But I didn’t know where to start and didn't have a clue how long my babys rashes, hives and now bleeding from him scratching himself due to the pain would last. I really was scarred for his health and safety and didn’t know the seriousness of this. I didn’t know where it came from, whether it was bug bites, dirt on the ground, something he ate or a normal allergic reaction. 

You hear stories of life and death situations with children. And if I didn't find a cure then something tragic might happen and as a Father I wasn't going to let anything happen to my baby boy! 

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened... 

Real Shocking Reason My Baby Was Breaking Out 

I was up for literally 20 hours straight and called off work so I could dedicate all my time to research and analyze what was causing my baby so much pain. I looked closely at all the bumps, rashes, hives and scarring from his face and body and put it all together. The real reason was SHOCKING! 

The real issue was NOT actually just an "allergic reaction" or the typical response from the average doctor. Through my research, I found the real reasons were because of bacteria and being infected with bug bites in my son's face and body. He actually had something called “scabbies,” which were actually little mites laying eggs in my baby's face and body causing the built up irritation, hives and bumps. 

Bacteria, bed bugs and tiny viruses in our bodies are many times the real actual reason why many people have skin problems. Many of us wonder why we have rashes, cysts, itching and think its acne or just your regular skin problems. We think we can just take a skin crème to treat the symptom. But issue is we never cure the actual real problem. This is critical information that nobody talks about and most never know! 

My Journey To Solving This Problem 

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to cure and heal my son's face and body from the rashes and hives. Doctors and online experts later recommended expensive toxic chemicals and pesticides on my baby boys hair, face and body parts. Because it would “kill” the insects and eggs! And it wasn't even guaranteed to work and had side affects. The question I had was, then “what would happen to my baby’s health!” This was a ridiculous treatment and I was not going to put something that I put on my garden weeds that say on the label “could cause death if swallowed” near my baby’s system! 

So I continued my research. Then I thought to myself, there has to be a better way. I already use all natural ingredients to remedy and cure myself, so maybe there was something less harsh I could use for my baby. I was finally onto something and could finally start healing my son's face and body from hives, rashes and scarring… 

My Plan Finally Started Working 

My plan was to start putting my theory into action and try all the natural organic ingredients that were proven effective to help treat issues related to hives, rashes, cysts and blemishes… 

So I started to make a list of all the organic all natural ingredients that could solve this problem… But I didn’t stop there. 

I then purchased every single item that I could to solve my son's hives, rashes and scarring… 

After all my research and running around like a maniac, we started seeing healing results! My baby’s itching was starting to go away, then his lumps and hives went down, then the redness stopped. My detailed daily routine combined with the specific application of these organic all natural ingredients finally helped clean, cure and heal my baby boys face and body. Within literally 2-3 days it was practically fully healed! Whereas if I followed normal instructions, the process could have taken several weeks to months with side effects. 

Building on that success, I wanted to try it on myself as well since I have had recurring acne, cysts and rashes over the years as an adult. So I developed my step-by-step routine and organic ingredients into a product kit. Over the course of 1-2 weeks I had cleared my face from the acne cysts and blemishes. I continued applying the maintenance and healing with my son and tried it with my daughter as well to prevent future issues. Their skin has never been more healthy and smooth. And as a Father I'm supposed to protect my kids from harm. I literally broke down and cried to myself at night out of relief because I had finally cured my children from their unbearable pain and suffering. 

Solution To Skin Problems 

I wanted to help out other people with issues with hives, rashes, insect bites, acne, scarring and blemishes solve their problems fast too. But the true “key” to it all was the EXACT organic ingredients I used and the step-by-step application throughout specific times of the day that cured this problem. 


With the SKINRESTORE® SYSTEM I can now cure, heal and prevent my children's skin problems, my own acne and cyst problems and am now helping provide the solution for others around the World with their skin problems. 

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too! 

We don’t guarantee results, be we do stand 100% behind our solution and will provide a 100% 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee if it doesn’t help you. 

But we know it will help if you have rashes, hives, acne or blemish problems. And if it does work as good or better than you expected. Then please send us before and after pictures and written testimonials. We would love to hear your story on how our solutions have helped you too. 

Giving Back

IDEAL is a true believer in giving back. A portion of each sale is donated to charities, non-profits and organizations that support the community. 

  • American Red Cross
  • Mens Cancer Foundations
  • Alzheimer's Foundation
  • Local College Grants
  • Feeding America

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