How to Grow a Thick Healthy Beard

How to Grow a Thick Healthy Beard

There is no better affirmation of a man's masculinity than the capability to grow a long, thick beard. There is something especially empowering about that. It makes you feel like you would catch a big fish with bare hands, deal with a bear, or take park in other manly activities. However, you need to do a lot more things to grow a long beard than just throwing away the - it will take dedication, time, and patience. To make it easier for you, we’ll show some useful tips on how to grow a beard.
  1. Daily Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

Just like hair, your beard needs some regular attention and care to keep it in the best condition. Ideally, it is recommended to shampoo daily or at least once per two days with a gentle shampoo to maintain a clean beard and remove any leaf pieces of food. Similarly, using a little bit conditioner often will be helpful in strengthening the hair and keeping it always looking thick, full, and healthy.

  1. Apply Beard Growth Oil

If your beard is often exposed to many harsh chemicals or elements in the environment such as chlorine in the swimming pool or dust when going out, you need to apply a layer of protective oil. Those products such as grapeseed or jojoba oil will help prevent the loss of natural oils and maintaining moisture. As a result, your bear will always be kept in the best condition.

  1. Have a Balanced Healthy Diet

Eating well to take care of your health can favorably affect the growth of your beard as well. Since hair is basically made up of protein, consuming protein-rich foods will benefit your beard. These include kitchen, lean beef, or oily fish. Also, it is advisable to increase the intake of saturated, healthy fats originated from eggs, fish, and nuts. These ingredients will allow for enhanced levels of testosterone that are important for healthy, long beards.

Green leafy veggies like kale or spinach are also a great option for your daily diet because they would help metabolize estrogen and leave a higher level of testosterone in the body. Avoid any junk foods which are high in sugar and don’t contain any nutritional content. Consuming these too much might make your beard look brittle and weak.

  1. Take Hair & Beard Growth Vitamins 

Another way to optimize beard health and enhance its growth is to take vitamin supplements. The best product to maximize the development of your beard is biotin, a product that can be found in most health food stores or pharmacies. It is recommended to take 2.5 mg per day to get the best results. Other vitamin supplements to consider include nettle oil, flaxseed oil, beta-carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.

  1. Do Regular Exercises

Doing moderate or intense exercises on a regular basis can make a significant contribution to a healthy, thick beard because it helps stimulate the production of testosterone and improve circulation. This will allow your body to carry the necessary nutrients and vitamins to the hair and skin through the bloodstream. You should combine both muscle-building and cardiovascular exercises in your daily workout routine to get the best results.

  1. Get Plenty of Rest and Relation 

Sleep and rest are also important because these activities allow cells in your body to repair or regenerate. This is important for the healthy growth of your beard. The overall well-being and health will depend on getting sufficient sleep, so it is strongly advisable to have quality sleep at night, from 7 to 8 hours. Also, minimize your levels of stress as much as possible to prevent your beard and hair from losing.

  1. Always Stay Hydrated

While drinking water more can’t make your beard grow faster, keeping the body hydrated is important for optimal body function. As a result, it will improve the overall health by flushing out toxins, thus promoting the growth of your beard.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is not that difficult to grow healthy beard if you know the right method and have the right solutions. If you want an all-natural solution that is effective then BMC has you covered. Check out our latest special BEARD BOSS KIT, that will give you everything you need to grow a longer and healthier beard. Grab the beard kit here.